Tecnotrip, one more year making a difference
| 23 December
Tecnotrip, specialists in vacuum packaging and process solutions for the food industry for almost 40 years, closes a year that has been full of novelties to
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Tecnotrip Nadal
The Tecnotrip team wishes you a Merry Christmas!
| 15 December
We take this opportunity to inform you that the company will remain closed on: 24/12/21, 27/12/21, 28/12/21, and 07/01/22. On 31/12/01, and 05/01/22 the
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envasado al vacío y proceso de los quesos
Solutions for vacuum packaging and cheese processing
| 09 December
Spain is a country of cheeses and their production has been creating opportunities in the international market. However, cheese is one of the most complicated
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Learn in more detail about the best multiple semiautomatic cutters
| 19 November
The food industry in general and the meat industry, in particular, has been automating production for years to increase yield. In Tecnotrip, we have multiple
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termoselladoras automaticas
Learn more about our professional automatic tray sealers
| 09 November
The conservation of products is essential to guarantee the quality and fresh presence for a long time, however, this process requires advanced features
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Discover how the best professional vacuum packers are
| 20 October
Since its inception, vacuum packaging technology has brought many benefits to the company, such as preserving the freshness and quality of food from the
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Summer Holidays 2021
| 04 August
After a year full of adversity, at Tecnotrip we have done our best to continue offering the quality and reliability standards we offer year after year, with a
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Read the QR, learn and start working in 3 minutes
| 11 June
Tecnotrip, continuing with its process of continuous improvement and adapting to new technological currents, incorporates QR codes in packaging machines with
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New Instagram channel
| 06 May
We launch Instagram Channel! An effective tool to bring you all our news and the best images of our equipment. Subscribe!
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2021 here we go!
| 26 December
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Tecnotrip presents its new catalogue of solutions
| 18 November
Continuing with its commitment to continuous improvement, Tecnotrip presents its new catalogue of solutions: the most profitable equipment for packaging and
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| 07 September
We launch YouTube Channel and New Professional Videos, from our Machines. An effective tool to bring you closer to our equipment, and see it running.
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