Terms and descriptions

"Soft-Air" progressive air inlet

Controls the air inlet speed in the chamber once the vacuum process has been completed.
Ideal for products that could deform or break during packaging.
Perfect for achieving aesthetically perfect packaging. Ideal for displaying retail foodstuffs on shelves or in display cases.

Bi-active sealing

It enables all types of bags to be sealed with total safety, even if they have folds or contain traces of blood, gelatine, water, sauces, etc.
Bi-active sealing equipment has two heat sealing bars; by impacting against each other, the bag receives uniform heat.
System indicated for packaging large bags, aluminium bags and bags with side folds.

CMD technology

It includes different programmes for different sectors, in a single programmer.
Resistant to high concentrations of environmental humidity, so that it can be used in the most adverse conditions with total reliability.

Complementary vacuum

Additional vacuum after reaching 98% vacuum to force the air out of the interior of porous foods.

Contrôle du vide par capteur

Guarantees the perfect vacuum in all circumstances, regardless of air pressure and weather conditions. The machine will automatically stop air extraction when the pre-set vacuum percentage is detected and measured. It is also possible to set an additional vacuum time of up to 60 minutes for particular products or special processes.

Cycle counter

Indicates the number of packaging operations carried out.

Gas inlet control by sensor

A sensor controlled by the programmer software, controlling the percentage of gas entering the vacuum chamber.

Gas or modified atmosphere (MAP)

Packaging with gas or Modified Atmosphere (MAP) replaces the atmospheric air inside the container with a protective gas mixture that keeps food fresh for longer. The main enemy of food preservation is oxygen. Its presence is combated with the use of certain gas mixtures such as nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which protect the packaging of fragile products, prevent their deformation and maintain the colour of the meat.

Independent control of sealing bars

Independent control of sealing bars

Manual vacuum stop

For the cycle, as desired.

Oil change control

Oil change control

Perimeter trim

Film covering the trays is trimmed right around the outer perimeter of the tray.

Progressive vacuum programme

Indicated for products that require a slow vacuum: soft porous products, hot liquids, etc.
In this programme, the vacuum process performs several processes before reaching the final programmed vacuum, which removes trapped air from the interior of the product.


Simple Heat-Seal + Excess Trim.
When the heat sealing function is performed, the excess is trimmed from the bag. When the cycle ends, the operator can remove the excess plastic.


Two heat sealing sheets, on each heat sealing bar.


One heat sealing sheet (on each heat sealing bar).

TECNOTRIP sensor vacuum adjustment

Adjusts the vacuum sensor automatically. This function must be performed when starting the machine for the first time or when vacuum wear occurs due to external causes.

Vacuum check

To check for vacuum leaks. When the programme is pressed, the machine will vacuum until reaching 99%; this value must remain constant for 60 seconds. If the value decreases by more than 3%, it means there is a leak in the vacuum circuit.