TSM 50 manual tray sealing machine for preformed packaging

TSM-50 Manual vacuum (or non-vacuum) tray sealer with preformed packs. Economic and ideal for small productions with the possibility of changing mould constantly. Packed with modified atmosphere to achieve longer preservation, better presentation, and to facilitate storage and transport.

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Manual vacuum heat sealer for TSM 50 preformed packs.
Intended for all sectors that require product preservation, good presentation and easy storage and transport.
The machine can work with a vacuum, modified atmosphere or without a vacuum, just with the sealing.
Maximum pack size (ext.) 330 x 267 mm.
Stainless steel bench.
Tray sealer equipped with Busch vacuum pump 21 m3/h.
Gas injection by sensor.
Manufacture according to CE regulations.
Ideal for all kinds of food products, and particularly for precooked meals.