VM vacuum mixing and tumbling machines

VM German VAKONA refrigerated vacuum kneader drums. Very useful for many production processes, both for meat derivatives and cooked products or salads. Available from 60 to 1800 L.

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Ideal for kneading cooked ham, boiled ham, elbows, bacon, pork, chicken, kebabs and marinated products.
Ideal for kneading or mixing minced meat, chorizo, dried sausage, black sausage, salads, mayonnaise and sauces.
Models with capacity from 60 to 1800 L.
High-capacity vacuum pump. ST450V control unit (VM 60 - 220)
Tactile control panel with 99 programs (VM 250 -1800)
Automatic breathing intervals.
Totally powered inclination (VM 250-1800) and manual (VM 60 - 220)
Motor with variable speed from VM 250 to VM 1800
Possibility of using an elevator to load.
Different types of stirring blades, depending on the product.