Automatic double chamber vacuum packaging machine

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Ideal for all kinds of products of different shapes and sizes, thanks to the large dimension of the hoods. We highly recommend using it for automatic lines.

The EVD-A-20 is suitable for large productions, slaughterhouses, sausage factories, fish factories, cheese factories, packaging centers, catering…

This machine also has an evacuation time regulator and an integrated conveyor belt in each chamber. It will be selected depending on the situation of products, whether they will be transported automatically or not.

Fully synchronizable to a shrink tank through a conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt, synchronized with the packaging machine, allows the products to transfer to the shrink tunnel.

A cell located at the tunnel entrance detects the passage of the product packaging and starts the shrinking cycle: entry, immersion, draining, and expulsion of the product.

At the end of the shrink tunnel, it is possible to attach our TSA model bag dryer.

At the end of the shrink tunnel, it is possible to attach our TSA model bag dryer.

  • Busch vacuum pump: 200/300 m3 /h
  • It has a digital programmer: CD system
  • It offers three types of sealing:
  1. Simple sealing
  2. Simple sealing + Individually adjustable excess cut: While carrying out the sealing function, it also applies the excessive cut on the bag. When the cycle ends, the operator can remove the remaining plastic.
  3. Individually adjustable double sealing.
  • Equipped with different packaging programs: Sealed, Vacuum, Vacuum + *Gas.

*Gas: Packaging with gas or protective atmosphere (MAP) replaces the atmospheric air inside the container with a protective mixture of gases that allows food to be kept fresh for longer. The main enemy of food preservation is oxygen. Its presence is combated using certain gas mixtures such as nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). It protects the packaging of fragile products, prevents deformation, and maintains the fresh color of meat.

Some of its features:

  1. Automatic ejection of the product once the vacuum packaging cycle has finished.
  2. Regulation of the conveyor belt.
  3. Easy removal of the conveyor belt for cleaning.

Finally, we want to remind you that the EVD-A-20 has a  complete digital programmer:

  • 30 selectable programs
  • Sensor vacuum control
  • Smart vacuum control
  • Progressive vacuum function
  • Gas inlet control by sensor
  • Progressive air inlet “SOFT-AIR”
  • Vacuum verification program
  • Manual vacuum stop
  • Test program
  • Cycle counter
  • Oil change control
  • Pump preheating program
  • Sealing control

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