Vacuum tray sealers for preformed packaging

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TSB-100 / TSB-A-100 Semi-automatic tray sealers for preformed packaging

Vacuum (or without) semiautomatic tray sealers for preformed packaging

Vacuum packaging with a modified atmosphere for better conservation and presentation. It also facilitates the ease of storage and transport. Ideal for all types of foods and especially for pre-cooked meals.


Solutions for vacuum packaging and meat processing

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In Tecnotrip, we have the best packaging solutions in the market for the food sector, from solutions for products aimed at wholesale distribution to those intended for the final consumer. We have a wide range of our product portfolio with different options to cover all necessities.

Vacuum packaging, Vacuum tray sealers, Shrink tanks, Multiple cutters, Chop cutters, Brine injectors, Vacuum tumblers, and Refrigerated vacuum tumblers.

How are Tecnotrip solutions for vacuum packaging and meat processing?

Some examples of models:


Learn more about our professional automatic tray sealers

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The conservation of products is essential to guarantee the quality and fresh presence for a long time, however, this process requires advanced features machines such as our automatic tray sealers.

Our automatic vacuum tray sealers for preformed packaging TSB-AC-70 y TSB-AC-175 are ideal for all types of food products(cheese, sausages, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, pasta, pizzas, dry fruits, sauces, coffee, and pastries), especially, for IV-V ranges and precooked meals. They are also intended for other non-food products.


Discover how the best professional vacuum packers are

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Since its inception, vacuum packaging technology has brought many benefits to the company, such as preserving the freshness and quality of food from the production center to the consumer's table. However, not all vacuum packaging machines offer the same accommodations. Only the best ones provide an optimal result.

What do the best vacuum packers offer?

These are the most outstanding advantages offered by the most advanced machines:


New Instagram channel

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We launch Instagram Channel!

An effective tool to bring you all our news and the best images of our equipment.



Tecnotrip presents its new catalogue of solutions

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Continuing with its commitment to continuous improvement, Tecnotrip presents its new catalogue of solutions: the most profitable equipment for packaging and process for the food industry.
Here you will find the most complete range of:
1. Vacuum solutions

  • Vacuum Packaging machines
  • Shrink tanks and dryers
  • Tray sealers

2. Process solutions



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We launch YouTube Channel and New Professional Videos, from our Machines.

An effective tool to bring you closer to our equipment, and see it running.

Available on Youtube and on our website.




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For the duration of the confinement due to Coronavirus, our schedule will be from 7 to 15h (beginning from March 23 to April 3)

Taje of yourself

Take care of the others!



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We have already started the production of the videos of our machines.
This type of content will be of great help to our distributors and customers, to know different aspects of the equipment and also to discover in a practical and simple way how their installation and commissioning is carried out.
Soon we will have all the videos on our website, we will keep you informed!


Visit of our distributor of Canàries

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On February 18th we received the visit of distributor PDR Canarias. During the visit we presented the news of TECNOTRIP, the improvements that are being implemented in our machinery and carry out a commercial and technical training. We toured the facility to familiarize them with the manufacture of vacuum packers, and then discussed the concerns of the sellers to align our offer with the demand of customers in their area.
Thank you so much for the visit!