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Tecnotrip believes in contributing for the preservation of our planet

It is essential to reduce our plastic consumption and promote its reuse and recycling. Additionally, the technology industry must assume its responsibility in protecting the environment and working on more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

While we should try to avoid buying unnecessarily plastic-packaged items, it is inevitable that some foods need to be vacuum-packed to prolong their shelf life and reduce waste.

In contrast, food products inevitably need to be vacuum-sealed in order to extend their shelf life... and thus achieve another essential objective for human survival, which is to reduce food waste and allow for possible utilization.

The balance must be found in trying to consume vacuum-packed and atmosphere-protected foods in support with a lower percentage of plastic. That is why Tecnotrip offers:

Retractable bag, distributed by TECNOTRIP. These bags are made with minimum thickness, providing an excellent result and giving the product a second skin with an attractive image without losing its conservation qualities.

The biodegradable/compostable cardboard tray for vacuum sealing is also offered by Tecnotrip. 

Inform yourselves about:

   · Our extensive range of vacuum sealers and heat sealers
   · Retractable tanks
   · Retraction bags (a new exclusive product in Catalonia)
   · Consumables (bags, films, trays).

Let's contribute to the preservation of the planet with our packaging decisions. Let's prioritize vacuum sealing in biodegradable/compostable bags, shrink-wrap or trays. 

♻️ Don't miss our extensive range of vacuum sealers and heat sealers, retractable tanks, retraction bags (with a new exclusive product in Catalonia!) and consumables (bags, films, trays).

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