Learn more about our professional automatic tray sealers

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The conservation of products is essential to guarantee the quality and fresh presence for a long time, however, this process requires advanced features machines such as our automatic tray sealers.

Our automatic vacuum tray sealers for preformed packaging TSB-AC-70 y TSB-AC-175 are ideal for all types of food products(cheese, sausages, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, pasta, pizzas, dry fruits, sauces, coffee, and pastries), especially, for IV-V ranges and precooked meals. They are also intended for other non-food products.

What are Tecnotrip automatic tray sealers like?

These are the most outstanding characteristics of our machines:

1- Simple and reliable

They are built to guarantee maximum reliability and simplicity in everyday use, in cleaning operations, and ordinary maintenance.

2.- Suitable for reduced dimensions

They are equipped with a standard work plan of 2 tray stations (TSC-70) or 5 tray stations (TSC-175) used for loading trays, not exceeding ½ Gastronom.


Once the trays are placed on the loading area and in a completely automatic way, through the stainless steel guides, they are transported inside the packaging station, where the cycle is activated without human intervention with the program provided by the user. The advance of the film is automatic and controlled to reduce the waste material.

4.-Easy to use

The mold change is simple and does not require the use of keys or special tools.

In addition, the multiple functions are managed by PLC and a very intuitive touch screen.

5.- Versatility

The machines allow 20 work programs and can operate in various modes:

●    sealed only
●    vacuum plus inert gas and sealed
●    vacuum and skin effect
●    gas and sealed

6.- Expandable with different functionalities and benefits

The standard installation of the machines can be completed with the following:
●    Loading area extension
●    Automatic tray denesters
●    Dosing of product or liquid
●    Photo-cell for printed films
●    Print centering system
●    Conveyor belt to transport packed trays 
●    Weighing and labeling system for packed trays

Our professional automatic tray sealers are suitable for medium and large productions with the possibility of a constant mold change. It is recommended for all sectors, where product preservation, good presentation, and ease of storage and cleaning are required. Especially, in workshops and factories, packaging centers, and catering companies.

We also manufacture manual and semi-automatic tray sealers.

If you need a machine of good quality with unique benefits for your business, Tecnotrip is a trustworthy partner. Contact us and we will offer you the best solution as soon as possible!