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TSB-100 / TSB-A-100 Semi-automatic tray sealers for preformed packaging

Vacuum (or without) semiautomatic tray sealers for preformed packaging

Vacuum packaging with a modified atmosphere for better conservation and presentation. It also facilitates the ease of storage and transport. Ideal for all types of foods and especially for pre-cooked meals.

Suitable for medium productions with the possibility of constantly changing the mold. We recommend for sectors where the conservation of the product is required, with good presentations and ease of storage and cleaning.

We have a variety of vacuum tray sealer machines: Manuals, Semi-automatic, and Automatics..

What are the principal characteristics of vacuum tray sealers for preformed packaging, model TSB-A-100?

It's a vacuum tray sealer for packaging in preformed containers with a modified atmosphere or only sealed with an independent sealing system for each tray with thermal insulation to avoid direct contact with the sealing plate on the product.

It also has an automatic device for collecting the remaining film and an innovative system for changing the last (mold) that allows it to be done quickly, without tools, and avoiding the possibility of burns. Furthermore, performing automatic vacuum cycle. It also has other options such as gas inlet, tray sealing, and film cutting.

It is an easy-to-clean machine with maximum sealing area dimensions of 265x405 mm bench-top, stainless steel vacuum chamber, and a 40 m3/h Busch vacuum pump.
Manufacture according to CE standards ideal for all types of food products, and especially for pre-cooked dishes.

The model TSB-A-100 has an automatic entrance and exit of the drawer, while there is also a manual model TSB-100. Both models have an automatic device for collecting the remaining film, controlling through a system that allows maximum use.

It includes a lifting platform for the last, with a double-click drive for automatic entry of the drawer. The output is automatic at the end of the cycle (convenient for packing fresh products) with control for a quick change of last (mold).

We also manufacture other manual and semiautomatic models of tray sealers. COMBI models give you the possibility to pack in a modified atmosphere. We also have a SKIN effect with a simple change of mold.

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