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In Tecnotrip, we have the best packaging solutions in the market for the food sector, from solutions for products aimed at wholesale distribution to those intended for the final consumer. We have a wide range of our product portfolio with different options to cover all necessities.

Vacuum packaging, Vacuum tray sealers, Shrink tanks, Multiple cutters, Chop cutters, Brine injectors, Vacuum tumblers, and Refrigerated vacuum tumblers.

How are Tecnotrip solutions for vacuum packaging and meat processing?

Some examples of models:

1. Vacuum packaging machine of a simple chamber with automatic loading and unloading. Models EVC-26/EVC-27
Ideal for fully automatic lines of vacuum packaging and completely synchronizable with shrink tanks. Suitable for packing products with sizeable volumes such as meat and ham centers. Appropriate for big productions. Indicated for slaughterhouses, sausage factories, fish factories, etc. For better conservation, presentation, and ease of transport. They are essential for online sales. It's about a comfortable machine for manipulating products to
pack: without any obstacles between the prefeed belt and the vacuum chamber. Extra option of pre-cut, bag surplus removing.

We have a wide range of models, Tabletop, Simple chamber, Double chamber, and

2. Vacuum tray sealers for preformed packaging, TSB-100/TSB-A-100
In Tecnotrip, We have manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models of tray sealers. It'about a machine that can pack preformed trays with a modified atmosphere(MAP). It has an independent sealing system between trays with thermal insulation. It helps avoid getting
direct contact from the sealing plate over the product. Vacuum packaging with modified atmosphere to achieve better conservation and presentation. Thereby, it also facilitates storage and transport. It's an indispensable machine for online sales. Ideal for all types of food products and especially for pre-cooked dishes.
Available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic models. There is also the possibility to pack with skin effect.

3. Shrink tanks, Models RET-A-4, RET-A-4-11
It has utility dimensions of 900x455x285mm. They are ideal to set up in packaging lines. They are also synchronizable with EVA-9-11, EVDA-20, EVC-26/27. The heating of the water is carried out by independent electrical resistances and alternatively by steam. Our models have a standard smoke evacuation hood.

Available in automatic and manual models.

4. Multiple cutters with manual load, TD-90 / TD-96. Semi-automatic models for small productions.
Ideal for cutting into cubes, strips, or filleting all kinds of products. Suitable for small and medium productions. It has a standard stainless steel grill set to choose from (depending on the product and the type of cut): 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 10x0, 13x13, 15x15, 18x18, 22x22, 30x30, 45x45mm. Excellent for cutting at all types of products such as meats, cheeses, sausage, fish, vegetables, etc.Ideal for garnishing and preparing salads, pizzas, skewers, etc.

Models for productions from 950 kg up to 3100 kg(with elevator and conveyor belt for product output, in higher models).

5. Chop cutters TC-1100 / TC-700 for cutting all kinds of meat
Manufactured entirely of stainless steel following CE regulations. They are ideal for cutting all types of meat such as fresh or frozen, with or without bone, for example, ribs, steaks, etc.
With state-of-the-art cutting precision and drive systems, they offer production between 97 and 195 cuts/min or 390 cuts/min with a double knife. Furthermore, the TC-1100-C model incorporates an output conveyor belt.

6. Vacuum tumbler for massaging and salting, Model SAP-200
It's about a vacuum tumbler for massaging, equipped with a digital programmer with 30 programs. Ideal for products such as York ham, bacon, chicken, shoulders, hocks, knuckles, all kinds of meat with and without bone.

The massaging process by the friction of the meat against the meat makes it possible to preserve the solid texture of the muscle without damaging the product. The high level of vacuum, combined with massaging at intervals, causes a thorough exudation of the proteins, an opening of the tissue cells, and prevents foaming, eliminating cooking losses.

Digital programmer is available with CMD technology for working with 30 different programs and resistant to high condensation of atmospheric humidity. It also offers a vacuum circuit protection system by the oil filter. The vacuum tumbler has a volume of 200 liters, an optional variable speed drive, and automatic unloading by reversing the direction of rotation.

Models are available for productions from 70 liters up to 1200 liters.

7. Refrigerated vacuum kneader tumblers for kneading, mixing, and massaging, Model ESK of Vakona brand.
Very useful for many production processes such as meat, sausages, pre-cooked meals, sauces, etc., everything that needs to maintain the cold chain. These are compact and technologically advanced machines; to facilitate handling and the careful treatment of the products to be massaged.

In addition, they allow the cold chain to be maintained, avoiding possible contamination. Refrigerated vacuum kneader tumblers are beneficial for many processes, also for prepared and pre-cooked meals.

8. Automatic brine injectors, Model PI-PIH of Vakona brand
They can inject precise amounts of brine into bone-in and boneless products. Even the most viscous brines can be safely and reliably injected hygienically. Models are available from 9 to 184 needles. We also have desktop models for laboratories.
It has a conveyor belt with programmable advance and, made of polyethylene, removable for easy cleaning. It has a mechanical transmission of the head located on the area of the needles.

It also has a quick needle change system, brine feed without hoses, an easy adaptation of the tenderizer head, and recycling of excess brine.

In Tecnotrip, we design, manufacture, and distribute. The seriousness, commitment, quality, and service, make our customers loyal.
Contact us, and you will be able to enjoy the best machinery in your company as soon as possible.