Learn in more detail about the best multiple semiautomatic cutters

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The food industry in general and the meat industry, in particular, has been automating production for years to increase yield. In Tecnotrip, we have multiple semiautomatic slicers to facilitate the process of cutting for companies in this sector.

As you can see in this video, our slicers are available in different models according to every company's production function. TDSH-90 for continuous cutting of fruits and vegetables, TD-907TD-96, suitable for small productions of less than 1400kg/h. TD-105/TD-112, appropriate for medium productions of less than 2100kg/h and TD-120/TD-126/TD-140 for big productions of less than 3100kg/h.

They are advanced machines that will adapt to your necessities with digital modality or analogic depending on the model; they are easy to use, ergonomics, and works with all types of product: raw or cooked till -3ºC temperature (meats, sausages, cheeses, fish and vegetables).

They provide unique additional values, which grant you outstanding advantages. They offer different types of blades, grills, and discs depending on the product and the type of cut.

What benefits do our multiple semiautomatics cutters offer?

These are the principal advantages offered by our exclusive machinery to companies.

  1. Clean and precise cut: These qualities are determined thanks to the design and the angle of the blade's cut. It also provides compression on all four sides.
  2. Variety of cuts: We are conscious that the meat industry has diversified in production, that's why we have machinery that can adapt the cut of various uses such as cuts for the garnish of salads and pizzas, cuts of vegetables for the preparation of creams, cuts for the preparation of skewers, etc. Thanks to the diversity of grill sets and variety of blades: smooth, mixed, serrated, or double. They are easily adjustable without any need for tools.
  3. Easy charge: The charging process is simple thanks to feeding drawers, ergonomically perfect, facilitates the charge, and is preceded by a visual sign.
  4. Higher performance: With two velocities, our machines can provide, depending on the model, up to 800 cuts per minute.
  5. Flexibility: The machinery adapts to the necessities of cut, from 4mm up to 40 o 45 mm, of longitude.

Tecnotrip offers multiple semiautomatic cutters with exclusive functions and advantages to different sectors such as workshops and factories, cutting rooms, and catering.

Contact us and you will be able to enjoy the best machinery in your company as soon as possible.

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