Solutions for vacuum packaging and cheese processing

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Spain is a country of cheeses and their production has been creating opportunities in the international market. However, cheese is one of the most complicated products to pack because of its humidity. The specific properties of cheese require the vacuum packaging of cheeses to be a key point for exportation. This topic requires an approach from experts in this field such as Tecnotrip.
We have different machines necessary to achieve the maximum degree of conservation, an excellent presentation, and ease of transport. We have vacuum packers, vacuum heat sealers for preformed containers, shrink tanks, and multiple cutters. Everything that you need for vacuum packaging and to shape your cheeses.

How are the solutions of Tecnotrip for cheese vacuum packaging?

1-Vacuum packaging machines

We have an extended range of models with different options: vacuum packaging chamber machines( double chamber, manuals, and automatics). For example, the EVT-7 is ideal for outlets with little space, and the EV-13 is suitable for small and medium productions. Furthermore, the EVT-28 is optimal for packaging, both small and large dimensions, and the EV-25 is appropriate to pack products with different heights. The rest of the models are designed for big productions.

These machines have a digital program to control the vacuum, the gas inlet, to perform independent control of sealing bars, progressive air intake(necessary for a lot of cheeses). You can also do a manual vacuum stop and cycle override. They have 30 packaging programs for all kinds of products and types of cheeses.

Thanks to these models, we achieved greater conservation, better presentation, ease of transport, more hygiene, and greater customer confidence. Essential values for online sales.

2.- Vacuum tray sealers for preformed packaging

We have the manual models TSM-50 and TSM-50-COMBI for small productions, the semi-automatic model TSB-A-100 for medium productions, and the automatic models TSB-AC-70 and 175 for large productions.

They have a digital multiprogram programmer for molds with differents cavities that are easily replaceable and allow easy placement of film. The model TSM-50-COMB, as well as model TSBB-AC-70 and 175, includes technology skin and can be packed with MAP. The head changes of one system to another are simple and without any need for tools.

3. Shrink tanks

After the process of vacuum and sealing, a retractable bag, The packaging is introduced in hot water inside a tank or tunnel.
The thermal properties of the material cause its contraction in a very short time that doesn’t affect the product. This leaves material more adhered to it, even giving it a certain shape if it is soft, thus improving its presentation.

We have specific machinery such as shrink tanks with a manual product inlet and outlet (RET-2 and RET-2-80) or automatic (RET-A-4) and (RET-A-4-11).

The manual model RET-2 heats the water by electrical resistances and is available with or without a chamber to allow smoke evacuation. In addition, it has an analog program that allows to regulate the water temperature up to 100ºC and regulate the immersion time.

On the other hand, the automatic models RET-A-4 and RET-A-4-11 heat the water by steam and are synchronizable to complete packaging and drying lines; and link with the weighing and labeling process. In addition, it has a digital programmer and different functionalities such as a product inlet by immersion and a water drain, among others.

4.-Multiple Cutters

We also have multiple automatic cutters ideal for shaping your cheeses.

The simple and ergonomic TD-90 Multi-Cutter offers a clean and precise cut with compression on all four sides. The blades (smooth, mixed, serrated or double) can be changed quickly and without the need for tools, in order to obtain different cutting formats. Available in a wide range of models for all needs, they are perfect for cutting dice, strips, scales, and slices of all kinds of cheeses, prior to packaging and vacuuming.

If you make or sell cheeses, and you have the need to acquire machinery for cutting and shrink wrapping, or both at the same time, and you don't know where to start, at Tecnotrip we can help you in the process. Contact us!