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Technology for kneading, mixing, and massage.

Every time meat industry uses more machines to improve their process. Nowadays, Vacuum kneader drums are vital for meat production and for prepared dishes preparation or sausages that need to maintain the cold chain.

To respond to the demands of the food industry;
Tecnotrip has eight models of drums-mixers adapted to the different productions and functionalities required by each company.
Highly useful for many production processes, both for meat derivatives, as cooked with pasta, vegetables, cheese creams, sauces, and others.
Compact and technologically advanced; to facilitate its handling and the careful treatment of the products to be massaged. They also maintain the cold chain, avoiding possible contamination.

Tecnotrip is the exclusive distributor of the german brand VAKONA of vacuum kneaders in Spain. Values such as seriousness, commitment, quality, and personal service have enhanced our collaboration.

VAKONA's quality begins with the selection of reliable suppliers and, achieved through a high level of in-house production with automated production standards, motivated and competent employees, as well as many years of experience in the field of food engineering.

We also supply spare parts and technical service of Vakona machines.

What benefits do our refrigerated vacuum kneaders offer of brand VAKONA?

  1. Energy saving. The complete thermal insulation throughout the bass drum makes it possible to save energy, which results in a significant reduction in expense.

  2. High capacity vacuum pump. The machines offer vacuum up to 95%.

  3. Security. Our machines have a cooling group with external ventilation that maintains the cold chain to ensure that the food will arrive to the consumer with all its properties.

  4. Maximum cleanliness and hygiene thanks to the filter system for air sterilization.

  5. Commodity.The machinery allows you to tilt the drum electrically, raise and lower the spring lid, transport it easily thanks to the four wheels (brake on two of them for maximum safety) and electronically control the motors with a variable speed, among other functionalities. It also has a rotating arm for massages with a removable scraper.

The equipment offers digital programming that includes 40 programs (also in Spanish) and adjusts the temperature, vacuum, rotational speed, air sterilization, and bass drum position.

In Tecnotrip we provide you with the machinery that your company needs so that you can improve the processing of meat, sausage, prepared meals, and maintain the cold chain at all times.Si estás interesado en cualquiera de nuestros modelos, con capacidades de 60 lts hasta 850 lts, ¡contacta con nosotros!

If you are interested in any of our models, with capacities from 60 lts to 850 lts, contact us!


Tecnotrip offers the most profitable solutions in vacuum packaging and process for the food industry.